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Learn more about The NeuroMuscular Balancing Course from Josh Warren and OnCourt OffCourt

The NeuroMuscular Balancing Course from Josh Warren and OnCourt OffCourt

A one-of-a-kind course that will help you achieve body balance and muscle relief by intentionally releasing and tightening key muscle groups - even if they’ve been tight for years!

Your body is an ecosystem. 

When everything is in balance, it thrives. 

But what happens when it’s out of balance? 

Tightness, soreness, and chronic, everyday pains are all tell-tale signs that your ecosystem is unbalanced.

The NeuroMuscular Balancing course is all about putting your body back into homeostasis with proven and intentional yoga-like movements that can release even the tightest of muscles in just minutes. 

With this seven-module course, you’ll learn how every single muscle in your body pulls on, and is pulled by, other muscles and how quickly this can cause a free-fall in your physical well-being, even without an apparent injury.  

But by going through the course, you’ll learn how to realign your body, dramatically reducing pain and tightness and the frustrations that come with them. 

If this sounds a bit too good to be true, you’ll want to hear the story of the creator of the NeuroMusclar Balancing Course, Josh Warren. 

Josh experienced lower back pain for so long, he simply assumed it was something he’d live with for the rest of his life. Even standard yoga classes only served to exacerbate the pain. 

This pain lasted for seven years until Josh developed a simple practice that put his body into balance. And soon, the pain was gone. 

Josh, armed with an impressive suite of education including being a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, having a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, and being a certified professional Tennis Coach, was able to refine and develop his practice into this highly sought-after course that anyone can do. 

If you’re someone that has been forced to live with pain, in exercise or in your everyday life, this is the course for you. Here’s a look at what you’ll get: 

  • Module One – Introduction to NeuroMuscular Balancing – this module provides you with a revealing look at how your muscles are constantly in an ebb and flow of pulling and being pulled, and how this can cause massive pain and discomfort. This information is vital for anyone that wants to learn how to listen to their body and find true relief. 
  • Module Two – NeuroMuscular Balancing Yoga Class: Standing Series – a gentle, holistic, and effective yoga series that’s designed to be done while standing. This series is approachable for newcomers and veterans alike. 
  • Module Three – NeuroMuscular Balancing Yoga Class: Floor Series – building on what you learned from module two, this series will further your ability to listen to your body. By transitioning to the ground, you’ll have two unique yoga sessions that work off of each other, allowing you to strengthen and grow without pain.
  • Module Four – NeuroMuscular Balancing for Everyday and Lifelong Wellness – this is what it’s all about. Taking the balance we created and cultivating it for everyday life. Many of us live with everyday pain that we barely notice now. This module will help you keep your body balanced every single day. 

The NeuroMuscular Balancing course also comes with three bonuses! 

  • Bonus One – Mindful Walking Meditation – a body cannot be in balance without the mind. Mindful Walking Meditation is great for those that are new to meditation and also meditation veterans looking to add to their expanding repertoire.
  • Bonus Two – Obstacle Course Exercise – having exercises that challenge and strengthen the body, without compromising balance, is imperative for growth, maintaining the body, and staying healthy.
  • Bonus Three – Interview with Josh Warren – Josh’s dedication and commitment to helping others improve not just their body, but their mind and spirit, makes him a refreshing and sought-after instructor and coach that makes this course so effective. 

When it’s ignored, the balance within you falters with everyday life and is usually made worse when we work out or exercise. 

The NeuroMuscular Balancing Course is for anyone that wants their body in perfect harmony with itself. 

And for just $39.95, you’ll get lifetime access to this digital course, so you can take control of your life, your mind, and your body; and find true balance in them all.