The Original, Multi-Use Foldable Yoga Mat

This is no ordinary yoga mat.
Fold it and use as a bolster, meditation cushion, long block and extra support under hand and knees!

Multi-Use Foldable Mat

Our new, one-of-a-kind folding mat can be used as a yoga mat, long block, bolster, meditation cushion, or additional support under hands and/or knees for a wide range of exercises. Folds up nicely and is lightweight for easy travel, especially when using with our stylish and functional yoga bag! It’s also eco-friendly!

Block or Bolster

Meditation Cushion

Additional Support

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Foldable Yoga Mat

Innovative Foldable Yoga Mat
The Foldable Yoga Mat from OnCourt OffCourt is everything you want in a yoga mat – comfortable, durable, lightweight – with one innovative change that transforms it into something really special. 

The foldable yoga mat is made in segments which allows the mat to morph into the perfect shape for your body, your pose, your position.

  • Made from eco-friendly natural rubber
  • 2 Unique Textures – Better grip on smooth surface
  • Multiple Uses – Like 3 Mats in One
  • Extra Support – Easily fold for an additional layer of support
  • Portable – Lightweight and foldable, easy to take with you

OnCourt OffCourt Wellness Testimonials

Get-A-Grip Yoga Mat

The Get-a-Grip mat is made from a proprietary, non-slip texture, providing a serious grip for even the most sweaty yoga practices! 

This mat is extra wide, providing space and grip for any yoga practice. It works great with your favorite yoga mat as extra support, too! 

  • Eco-friendly natural rubber
  • High-quality and durable
  • Proprietary non-slip texture
  • Extra wide
  • Mat Length 72” X 27”


“I’m always looking for ways to make the practice of yoga more accessible for my students. What I really like about this mat is that it’s lightweight and can be folded in a number of ways for additional support. It allows you to practice a lot of these yoga postures that we typically use props with in yoga without all of the extra equipment. Even in your home, this mat makes it easier for you to practice. You have everything that you need within the mat itself!”
Margit Bannon
USPTA tennis pro, E-RYT yoga teacher, Yoga for Tennis teacher
"After spending many years on the tennis court and after a long day of teaching, I often get tight through the hip flexors, lower back and in my calf muscles. Perhaps you can relate? Therefore, my daily stretching comprises of a salute to the sun routine followed by a visualization/meditation and this process has now become so much more enjoyable bRead more about review stating Global Speaker & Performance Coach cause of the OnCourt OffCourt Foldable Yoga Mat. I can change the height of the mat during my downward dog to allow my heels to touch the mat and I can stretch my hip flexors with my back knee on the folded mat and it feels enjoyable! Finally, I can raise the mat so that my hips feel comfortable when sitting cross-legged to finish my routine in stillness. This use to be painful and it would take away from my meditation. So thank you to the creative and unique company, OnCourt OffCourt, for once again leading the way in finding solutions to improve strength and flexibility allowing me to do the job I love pain free - that is, coaching!"
Emma Doyle
Global Speaker & Performance Coach Review by Emma D. on 12 Apr 2021review stating Global Speaker & Performance Coach
"I absolutely love the OnCourt OffCourt Get-A-Grip Yoga Mat! I've used tons of mats in my time and this one is particularly grippy in the best way. With most new mats I have to gas them off in my garage before using them (which makes me think... what is in this thing!?). But with the OnCourt OffCourt mat, I was able to unwrap, unroll, and hop on riRead more about review stating Grippiest mat ever!ght away without any alarming smells coming off the mat. Oh and it's wider than a standard mat which is so nice for us tall folks."
Jill M.
“I love the OnCourt OffCourt Foldable Yoga Mat. The foldable mat is so diverse. I love to lie on it giving support from my sacrum to my neck. It is also great for travel. It fits nicely into luggage. Another important factor is the mat is very light and the price point for the high quality is awesome. I would highly recommend the foldable mat.
Judy Cole
“Whether for yoga or cross training, this mat is relevant; I use it for lunges, as a prop for restoratives, half-kneeling strength and stretching work, and more. So glad to have this for my practices.”
Elena Brower
Bestselling author of Practice You and Being You, Yoga and Meditation Teacher
“After 40 years in the fitness/wellness business, I’ve got to say, I am floored over this product!. There are so many benefits to the Foldable Yoga Mat. It’s very light, which makes it convenient to lift off of the ground or car, and carry with one arm, regardless of strength capacity, whether you are young or of mature age.The material allows your body to slowly be absorbed into it, feeling soft, and almost ‘imprints’ your body. It won’t unroll nor needs a strap to keep it from unravelling due to the ‘articulating folds’, somewhat compared to folding a paper fan.The folds are at right angles, allowing for easy storage as well as stacking for differing heights, in case you want to modify positions (such as sitting, kneeling, or even for supporting your head when lying supine on the ground). When sitting in the basic sitting position, it’s great for those who aren’t as flexible in the hips or have knee flexion challenges. One can utilize the different stacking height capabilities for substituting the mat for traditional yoga blocks. You can place it on a table or chair without worrying if it will roll off the surface.”
Christine Foltz
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Wellness Consultant& Ambassador

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